The piercer should pick the best earrings for you after hearing about your sleeping position. Barbells can be good because they don't have a sharp post to stab when you lay on them. I recently got these for my recent helix piercing. Convenient and they work. » 8/30/14 10:40am Saturday 10:40am

Texas's justification for an anti-abortion law enacted last year is "disingenuous," according to Judge Lee Yeakel's opinion striking parts of that law on Friday. Indeed, Judge Yeakel's opinion dismantles the state's avowed justification for the law, pointing out that it does little to protect women's health and a…

» 8/29/14 9:26pm Friday 9:26pm

Florida mayor badgers atheist for not standing for pledge

Atheist and civil liberties groups criticized the mayor of Winter Garden, Florida for delaying the start of the city commission's meeting on Thursday to confront a local atheist for not standing during an invocation or the Pledge of Allegiance, the Friendly Atheist reported on Friday.

» 8/29/14 9:05pm Friday 9:05pm

I started my SECOND PERIOD OF THE MONTH on Wednesday. After having horrible cramps for the past two days I am now bleeding like my body is trying to kill me. I can actually feel my "flow" when I stand up or walk. Feels like I'm peeing. I actually just left work to come home because I am so tired of changing my tampon… » 8/29/14 11:25am Friday 11:25am